June 13, 2016

Executive Coaching


Why do executive coaching?

  • As a leader, you are facing a moment when the talents and capacities that got you here no longer feel sufficient.
  • Your organization is scaling and experiencing growing pains.
  • You are feeling plateaued.
  • You have received feedback on behavioral tendencies, and feel like you are white-knuckling your way through changing them.
  • You are feeling mired down with sticky interpersonal conflicts or tough personalities.
  • You feel like something is missing in your level of fulfillment.

I start every coaching engagement with an interview-based 360º assessment. This helps establish a more holistic view of you and your needs. As we review the assessment together, we are able to hone in on your objectives and goals.

After we’ve clearly identified the outcomes you’re looking for, we will set measurable, achievable goals and together establish a plan to accomplish them. Our clear, actionable plan will focus on the competency or challenge that will be the most impactful for you. We also discuss how to include key stakeholders as a support system in your development.

Coaching engagements typically last from 3 – 12 months.  Please contact me to have a discussion about your needs.